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2nd IIR International Conference
on Sustainability and the Cold Chain

Paris, April 2-4, 2013


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Over 200 participants came together at the International Union of Railways (UIC) conference venue at the foot of the Eiffel Tower on April 2-4, 2013. Industrial and trade stakeholders, experts, academics and scientists from over 30 countries on 5 continents took part in this second conference on the cold chain. Following a successful initial event held in Cambridge, UK, in 2010 that brought together almost 150 attendees, this international IIR conference on the cold chain has thus become a major event showcasing and promoting the latest scientific, technological and economic developments in the cold-chain field.


Stéphane Le Foll, French Minister of Agriculture, opened the conference with the intervention of Paul Mennecier giving a plenary presentation on cold-chain issues and the manner in which such issues are linked to sustainable development.


In their keynote speeches, Pawanexh Kohli, Technical Director of the National Center for Cold-chain Development (NCCD) - India gave an insight into opportunities and challenges facing the cold chain in India, and Pega Hrnjak, Co-Director of the Conditioning and Refrigeration Center (ACRC) of the University of Illinois and President of CTS dealt with the future of refrigerants. During this Paris event, over 80 scientific papers were presented during 18 sessions. Outstanding papers covered topics such as magnetic refrigeration, progress achieved within the FRISBEE European project coordinated by Irstea, experience with natural refrigerants, development of the cold chain in the health sector, night delivery and replacement of HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) refrigerants.


Several events were held in conjunction with the 2013 event. On Tuesday April 2, a meeting of the IIR’s Sub-Commission CERTE on Test Stations (Refrigerated Transport) was organized by Cemafroid, and a FRISBEE workshop attracted over 100 participants. A "students" event was another highlight, and enabled young scientists to meets experts who shared their knowledge and experience with a view to helping students choose their career paths. The Gala Dinner was held at Restaurant 58 on the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower. 150 conference attendees and accompanying persons enjoyed an excellent dinner in this venue with a breathtaking view of Paris. Last but not least, a technical tour enabled participants to discover Irstea’s and Cemafroid’s labs in Antony near Paris.




Presentations of the conference are available (with a password) on the following document :

programme presentation iccc2013



Press Release:

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Cold chain and Sustainability: important contemporary stakes

The global population reached over 7 billion in 2011. To feed the planet, the cold chain has to be developed all over the world in order to save harvests, avoid waste, and allow the development of a new way of life in Asia and in Africa. At the same time, the addressing of environmental issues is increasingly vital, and efforts implemented to reduce the impact of refrigeration on the environment have to be pursued.


An International Institute of Refrigeration Conference

The International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) is the only independent intergovernmental science and technology based organization which promotes knowledge of refrigeration and associated technologies that improve quality of life in a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner including: food quality and safety from farm to consumer; comfort in homes and commercial buildings; health products and services; low temperature technology and liquefied gas technology; energy efficiency; use of non-ozone depleting and low global warming refrigerants in a safe manner.


An international conference bringing specialists from the whole world

Refrigeration specialists from various countries, companies, organizations and universities in all parts of the world will take advantage of this forum in order to present and share their ideas, views, discoveries and perceptions of the refrigeration world. The IIR’s work has made it possible to create a world in which refrigeration solutions play an increasingly vital role and the quality of life, food hygiene and food safety have improved constantly, and the impact of refrigeration on global warming is decreasing day after day.
Within the framework of their work conducted in cooperation with the IIR (International Institute of refrigeration), AFF (Association Française du Froid – French Refrigeration Association), Irstea (ex-Cemagref) and Cemafroid are in charge of organizing the 2nd International Conference on Sustainability and the Cold Chain.
This conference follows that organized in Cambridge, UK, in 2010, which was a resounding success with more than 200 participants.

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